Substance Abuse & Behavioral Consultants Counseling Centers - Individual Counseling / Substance Abuse Treatment & Education
Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs
Offering Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Counseling using various clinical approaches to include: Evidence Based Practices, Motivational Enhancement, Cognitive Restructuring & 12-Step Models
8-Week, 12-Week, & 16-Week Group Treatment ProgramsGroups meeting once a week with the flexibility to modify the program to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Individual Treatment Programs - Also available.
ALL Treatment Programs offer the following:
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations offered at your convenience - In our Office or In Jail.
  • Treatment Planning that specializes in identifying ‘triggers of use’ and helping our clients develop strategies and ‘coping skills’ that support their goal of leading a clean and sober life style.
  • On-Site Drug Testing and Breathalyzers conducted randomly.
  • Utilization and linkage to community resources and support systems.
(AA/NA attendance and obtaining a ‘Sponsor’ are required)
  • Assist clients in developing Relapse Prevention and After Care Plans.
  • Progress Reports and Discharge Summaries provided upon request.
Relapse Prevention Program - This 8 week program is designed specifically for those clients who have previously completed a substance abuse treatment program, but have relapsed.
Program Objectives:
  • Identify weaknesses, triggers and life situations that cause clients to relapse.
  • Development of key strategies and individual competencies needed to help clients sustain an alcohol and drug free life.
  • Individualized Relapse Prevention Development.
  • After Care Planning and/or Revisions.
  • Weekly Random Drug Screens & Breathalyzer Testing to include random call-ins and levels testing.
  • Strict attendance policy enforced.
  • Direct referrals accepted.  (Brief intake process required)
  • Proof of completion of a treatment program may be required.
ESAP - Educational Substance Abuse Program - This 4 hour program is designed to provide psycho-educational information on a wide variety of substance abuse topics.  This program includes:
  • Substance Abuse Self-Assessment Evaluation
  • Abuse vs Addiction
  • Bio/Psycho/Social education - Learn what kind of user you are?
  • Stages of Change - Where are you in the Cycle of Change Wheel?
  • Guest speakers...
  • Written test and Completion Certificate
Family & Friends Program - This 3 hour program is designed to provide psycho-educational information to family & friends of clients in substance abuse treatment.  We will cover a wide variety of substance abuse topics and strategies that work.  This program includes:
  • Abuse vs Addiction
  • What's an Enabler?
  • Triggers & Coping Strategies
  • Signs of Relapses
  • How to Help & What Not To Do
  • Importance of Support Systems
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Treatment and Educational Programs
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