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Registration & Online Payments
 STOP-Please Read Before Registering! If you are registering or pre-paying less than 24-hours from the class date, please call the office during normal business hours to confirm the class date & time.  Classes with low pre-registration participants have to be rescheduled.  (757) 486-1143 Press '0'

REFUND POLICY: ALL Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
Unless otherwise stated, ALL Classes listed below will be held at the Virginia Beach location listed at the bottom of this page.  For directions, click on the "About Us/Find Us/Contact Us" link to the left.
If you are a new client, please complete the Registration Form below.  Please enter the name, address, and telephone # of the person who will be attending the class or the person who is currently or was previously a client. Please ensure that the telephone # entered in this Registration Form is active and can receive phone calls and voice mail messages.  We will use this telephone # as a primary contact for the person registered for this class in the event that there is a change in the class date and/or time. 
In the Registration Form, only submit the name of the person who will be attending the class or the name of the current or existing client for whom the payment is being made for.  PLEASE DO NOT submit the name of the person making the Payment, if different from the name of the existing or previous client or the person who will be attending the class. 
In the “Comment” section of the Registration Form, you must list the NAME of the Class & DATE of the class for which you are registering.  If you are making a payment for an existing or previous client using the "Other Payments-$25 Increments Only", in the "Comment" section of the Registration Form, please list the specific group date/time or individual counselor and program you are or were previously enrolled in.
PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIELDS BLANK.  Once all fields have been completed, click on the SEND button. 
Once you click on the SEND button, the registration form will disappear and the following message should be displayed in its place: 
"Thank you!  Your information for registration of the class listed in the Comments section has been submitted successfully..." 
Once you see this message, you MUST complete Step 2: Online Payments below.  

For Pre-payment of classes - you MUST complete Step 2 in order to finalize the Registration Process to pay for and secure your seat in the class. 

For existing or previous clients making a payment towards a balance, make sure you complete Step 2: Online Payments and select "Other Payments-$25 Increments Only" in order for a payment to be applied appropriately.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
REFUND POLICY: ALL Pre-Payments & Payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable
You must have a valid credit card present in order to complete the online payment process below.
REFUND POLICY - ALL Payments for the classes below are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once you complete Steps 1 & 2 of the on-line registration and pre-payment process, you will be registered for the class for which you have selected.  Failure to attend this class for any reason will result in forfeiture of your pre-payment.
Prices below listed for AMP, ESAP & SLIP include a $20 discount but MUST be received no later than 1-day prior to the date of the class.  An additional $20 will be charged for any payments made the same day of the class and are subject to the availability of the remaining # of seats available in each class.
Class seats are limited to 20 Participants per class date.
You MUST bring to class a Valid Picture ID and Credit Card used for Payment.

Find the Group or Individual session that you are currently participating in below (DV Group, SA Group or Individual Session) then click 'Add to Cart'
Note: you can add more than one payment increment to get to the total you are trying to pay.
The system will then take you to PayPal where you can increase the quantity if you want to pay more than the Increments specified, or
You may click on 'Continue Shopping' which will bring you back to this page and allow you to add a different group or individual session to your Cart, or
You may click on 'Check Out' whenever you are ready to pay.
During the Check Out process, you will be asked to provide a phone number and email address - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER

You will receive a payment notification via the email you provided during the checkout process, once the payment is complete. 
New Life will also receive an automatic email notification once the payment is complete. 

REFUND POLICY: ALL Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

ALL CLASSES Scheduled Below Indicate the Location:
AMP-Anger Management Program
(1-day/8-hours) Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm $125.00 Pre-Payment Price below includes $25 discount
Price: $100.00
Select Class Date:
ESAP-Educational Substance Abuse Program
(1-day/4-hours) Saturday 10am-2pm $100.00 Pre-Payment Price below includes $25 discount
Price: $75.00
Select Class Date:
SLIP-ShopLifting Intervention Program
(1-day/3 1/2-hours) Saturday 9am-12:30pm $70.00 Pre-Payment Price below includes $20 discount
Price: $50.00
PEP-Parenting Effectively Program
Use Only to Make Payments Towards Balances of Existing or Previous Clients
Price: $70.00
Assessment/Evaluation/Other $50
Self-Pay (reduced price)Substance Abuse / Domestic Violence Assessment/Evaluation or SA Orientation
Price: $50.00
Assessment/Evaluation $125
Self-Pay (reduced price) Mental Health Assessment
Price: $125.00
DV Group-$30 Increments Only
Use Only to Make Payments Towards Balances of Existing or Previous Clients (OR fee $25 does not include Breathalyzer fee)
Price: $30.00
SA Group-$35 Increments Only
Use Only to Make Payments Towards Balances of Existing or Previous Clients
Price: $35.00
Individual Session-$85 Increments Only
Use Only to Make Payments Towards Balances of Existing or Previous Clients
Price: $85.00
Testing/Other-$15 Increments Only
Testing/Other-$15 Increments
Price: $15.00
Payment-$5 Increments
$5 Increments Only
Price: $5.00
Payment-$10 Increments
$10 Increments Only
Price: $10.00
Payment-$15 Increments
$15 Increments Only
Price: $15.00
Payment-$20 Increments
$20 Increments Only
Price: $20.00
Payment-$25 Increments
$25 Increments Only
Price: $25.00
Payment-$30 Increments
$30 Increments Only
Price: $30.00
Payment-$35 Increments
$35 Increments Only
Price: $35.00
Payment-$40 Increments
$40 Increments Only
Price: $40.00
Payment-$45 Increments
$45 Increments Only
Price: $45.00
Payment-$50 Increments
$50 Increments Only
Price: $50.00
Payment-$55 Increments
$55 Increments Only
Price: $55.00
Payment-$60 Increments
$60 Increments Only
Price: $60.00
Payment-$65 Increments
$65 Increments Only
Price: $65.00
Payment-$70 Increments
$70 Increments Only
Price: $70.00
Payment-$75 Increments
$75 Increments Only
Price: $75.00
Payment-$80 Increments
$80 Increments Only
Price: $80.00
Payment-$85 Increments
$85 Increments Only
Price: $85.00
Payment-$90 Increments
$90 Increments Only
Price: $90.00
Payment-$95 Increments
$95 Increments Only
Price: $95.00